Title: Christmas Tree Pins O Christmas Tree
Author: Nancy Yunker Trowbridge
Publisher: Shiffer
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Title: Christmas Pins Past and Present (Second Edition)
Author: Jill Gallina
Publisher: DB Collector Books
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Titl: Christmas Jewelry
Author: Mary Morrison
Publisher: Shiffer
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Title: Lea Stein Jewelry
Author: Judith Just
Publisher: Shiffer
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Title: Collector’s Encyclopedia of Compacts (Volume 2)
Author: Laura M Mueller
Publisher: DB Collector Books
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Title: Vintage & Vogue Ladies’ Compacts (Second Edition)
Author: Roselyn Gerson
Publisher: DB Collector Books
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Title: Powder Compacts – A Collector’s Guide
Author: Juliette Edwards
Publisher: Millers Collector’s Guide Series
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Title: Costume Jewellery
Author: Judith Miller
Publisher: DK Collector’s Guides
ISBN: 1-4053-0014-0