This section highlights different types of plastic jewellery from approximately the 1930s to Modern day. Everyone has heard of Lea Stein who made whimsical, mostly animal pins, from the late 1960s to the present day but there were many other manufacturere including Pavone who where making during the same period. Many pieces of plastic jewelllery are not signed. I have tried to give as much information in the descriptions as I can and I hope that you find something that you like in my selection. Please email me for more photos of the pieces.


PJ 01

Striking vintageblack Ali Baba head earrings dating, I believe to the 1940s or 50s. I think that these are probably chrome on bakelite but I have not tested the plastic. Very unusual subject with hook through fastenings.  The heads measure approximately 5.5cms from top to bottom.



PJ 02

Fabulous vintage reverse carved lucite bangle. Carved all round with pink roses and sprays of small pale blue flowers that look like harebells it is a quality piece and dates, I believe, to the 1950s or 60s. Rare to get one in such good condition, please email me if you would like further photos. Great for the summer and sure to get the compliments. Measures approximately 3.5cms wide with an inside diameter of 7cms.


 PJ 03

Really cute 1990s plastic teddy bear pin. Done on a creamy / white body he had diamante hightlights to his head and a neat pink necktie. Looking for a good home he measures approximately 5cms tall and fastens with a roll over safety catch..



PJ 04

Striking signed marbled/mosaic design on this Lea Stein Gomina cat. Very pretty with shades of chocolate, coffee and caramel with contrasting creamy ears and eyes. Lovely rich colour combination.  He measures approximately 7cms wide.


PJ 05

Great little vintage plastic terrier brooch – moulded plastic, very light. Good definition in the moulding I would date this to around the 1950s  Just the size for a lapel, how can you resite him. Measures approximately 4cms tall and fastens with an old fashioned hook clasp.



PJ 06

Fabulous modern Art Deco style lady head with cloche hat. Done with a white plastic body and a great patterned collar she has a lovley clear diamante in her pale blue hat. The line across her neck is just a reflection and is not there in real live, the other lines are part of the moulding. A real statement piece this will really get attention.  Measures approximately 7cms tall and fastens with a roll over safety catch..


 PJ 07

Large layered red rose type flower head brooch with blue bead centre. Would look great on a hat because of its size. Lovely 3D layered look.  Measures approximately 10.5cms in diameter and fastens with a roll over safety catch.



PJ 08

Great for the summer this modern necklace is made to look like the confetti lucite of the 1950s. Lots of rainbow colours set in the plastic pieces which are separated by silver tone pieces. Can be worn at different lengths. Measures approximately 49cms to the end of the extender chain and fastens with a claw clasp.


PJ 09

Lovely Art deco style lady head pin / brooch. Not sure what the plastic or age is as it came in with some other brooches but she is charming and looks great on the lapel of a jacket. She measure approximately 8cms tall and fastens with a roll over safety catch.



PJ 10

Striking signed Lea Stein fox pin. Done all over in a multi coloured spot design on a black with silver/grey dots, he has contrasting goldy orange eyes. Most unusual and would definitely make a statement on the lapel of a jacket. Measures approximately 9cms tall.


PJ 11

Unusual cerise pink lucite ring with pinky / purple diamante stones on the front. Think that this is relatively modern but quite striking. All stones present the ring is in good condition. It measures approximately 1.8cms inside diameter and equates approximately to a ring size O.



PJ 12

Lovely heart shaped lucite reverse carved brooch depicting a vase of pastel coloured flowers. Dates to around the 1950s or 60s. So pretty and great on a lapel. It measures approximately 4.7cms tall and fastens with a roll over safety catch.



  PJ 13

Faulous hippy style twist spiral used earrings. Shades of pink flowers on a black background. Very light so don’t drag the ear lobs down. They measure approximately 11.5cms long from the top of the spiral and are for pierced ears.



PJ 14

Great vintage French black Scottie dog brooch dating, I believe to the 1970s. So cute with his red collar . Measures approximately 6.7cms tall and fastens with a roll over safety catch. .


PJ 15

Fabulous vintage small tweety bird brooch probably dating to about the 1950s. Lovely pale pink with big ‘google’ eye and big bill (so not sure what type of bird he actually is).  So cute and just the size for a lapel or jacket. Measures approximately 6cms at his widest he fastens with a hook fastening.



PJ 16

Great Lea Stein signed Ric the terrier pin in striking pearly red with contrasting coal black eyes, ears, nose and collar. Great deco colours and iconic design – he is just so cute. Looking for a new home he measures approximately 9cms tall.


PJ 17

Unusual vintage button shaped brooch in black and cerise pink dating, I believe, to the 1980s or 90s. It has actual material as the thread similar to a shoe lace  Looks striking on a fleece or jumper. It measures approximately 7cms in diameter and fastens with a hook clasp.


PJ 18

Lovely layered cerise pink heart shaped brooch decorated with clear diamante stones. Relatively modern. Measures approximately 6.2cms wide it fastens with a roll over safely catch.


PJ 19

Striking tiled and layered expanding bracelet similar to those done by Lea Stein. It is elasticated so expands to go over the hand and fits comfortably. Stunning colours and good condition I think that this is relatively modern but none the less has that real retro look.


PJ 20

Gorgeous modernist design necklace with a large heavy medallian style drop on a gold chord with various bead and hoop decorations in black and gold. There is a gold embossed design in the centre of the round which is in turn covered in clear plastic and surrounded by a plastic frame made to look like abalone shell. Definitely got that WOW! factor and would definitely make a statement when worn on a plain sweater. Hangs well because of the weight. Measures approximately 52cms to the end of the extender chain but can be worn shorter and fastens with a claw clasp.


PJ 21

Beautiful and colourful signed Lea Stein large butterfly pin. Lovely multi coloured inner wings on black, with yellow marbled outer wings. Not many of these about nowadays and is a must for collectors. Measures approximately 8.5ms at it’s widestl.


PJ 22

Pretty late 20th century ballerina brooch done in cerise pink with a turquoise blue tie round her waist. There is some reflection on the photo which makes it look like she has a line around her skirt which is not there in real life. She measures approximately 8ms tall, looks great on a lapel and fastens with a roll over safety catch.


PJ 23

Striking signed Lea Stein Corolle pin in beautiful colours. Very vibrant, with a lovely mosaic design on her metallic gold ‘petals’ contrasting with her lovely pearly red hat and orange layerd ear decoration. Fabulous on a lapel she is sure to get the compliments. She measures approximately 6cms tall.