Lea Stein

Lea Stein, born in Paris in 1931, began making whimsical pieces of jewellery in the late 1960s. The often-diverse textures and colours are achieved by means of a process of laminating layers of Rhodoid (cellulose acetate sheets), invented by her husband Fernand. Lea Stein became popular in the late 1980s and she has created many new pieces since that time. For more information on collecting and dating Lea Stein pieces take a look in Lea Stein Jewelry by Judith Just.


LS 01

Striking navy and white Lea Stein large butterfly pin. Layered wings with shades of blue and pearly white, which has a sort of sparkle effect when it catches the light, on the outside and a really dark navy (might even be black) on the inside. This one has definitely got that WOW! factor and would look just stunning on a coat or jumper. This is a must for collectors and measures approximately 6.5ms wide.

Sold   £58.00


LS 02

Really striking Lea Stein ATTILA cat. Done in a design known as harlequin it has pink, two shades of green and a creamy white diamond shapes all over which are edged in gold and his coal black coloured ears and eyes contrast beautifully. Sure to get the compliments. Measures approximately 10cms tall.

£45.00 Sold

 LS 03

Really fabulous Lea Stein marbled red Scottie dog pin. Really stunning design and lovely contrasting coat which is coal black with multi coloured spots on it. Just adorable and would look equally fabulous on a coat, jacket or a white tee shirt. He measures approximately 7.5cms wide.



LS 04

Striking marbled/mosaic design on this Lea Stein Gomina cat. Very pretty with shades of pink and blue with contrasting cerise ears and eyes. Apologies for the picture on this one but had to stand him up in order to get a photo of him without a lot of reflection but the colours are true. Unusual colour combination.  He measures approximately 7cms wide.

£45.00 Sold

LS 05

Gorgeous Lea Stein Corolle/ full collarette pin in lovely colours. Vibrant red hat with pink and green harlequin effect aroun the green layered ‘earring’ and all surrounded by a lovely silver coloured layered collarette. Definitely has that WOW factor. These are becoming more difficult to get hold of so grab this one while you can. She measures approximately 5.5cms in diameter.



LS 06

Fabulous, pearly white stripe effect polar bear.Great colouring, with his contrasting coal black eyes, ears and nose and the stripes catch the light beautifully. A real statement piece this will really get attention.  Measures approximately 7.5cms tall.

£52.00 Sold

 LS 07

Charming small Lea Stein skate boarder pin. I haven’t had one of these for a while and this one has great contrasting colours, of yellow and red marbled effect. A really cute piece which is just the right size for a lapel. Measures approximately 4cms tall.



LS 08

Striking ladybird brooch done in natural colours. I always think that this design looks best in red and black. Sure to get the compliments He measures approximately 5.5cms tall.

£45.00 This Item is On Hold

LS 09

Really cute Lea Stein panda brooch clinging to his chintzy stalk of bamboo. Lovely contrasting colours with the more difficult to find green bamboo he is just fabulous. Definitely a keeper, he measure approximately 8cms tall.



LS 10

Striking Lea Stein fox pin. Done all over in a greeny gold mosaic/marbled design he has contrasting black eyes. Most unusual and would definitely make a statement on the lapel of a jacket. Measures approximately 9cms tall.

£45.00 Sold

LS 11

Iconic deco cat design brooch by Lea Stein. Don’t see so many of these nowadays but has always been a stunning design. This one is done in a lovely purple colour with yellow and cerise pink stripes on white. with black ears and ‘legs’. Very striking and just the shape for a collar or lapel. Definitely one for the collection and if this doesn’t get the compliments nothing will. The pin measures approximately 8cms tall.



LS 12

Hard to find vintage Lea Stein hat and cane brooch. These are an increasingly hard to get hold of design and a really useful size. This one is done in marbled orange with contrasting mosaic design bow and band and a silvery and ivory design cane. So cute and great on a lapel. It measures approximately 7.5cms tall.

£48.00 Sold


  LS 13

Gorgeous Lea Stein Ying Yang pin in stunning contrasting colours of creamy white mosiac and a greeny peach random marbled design. Really striking design with the two little red and black ‘balls’ to give it a bit of 3D. Striking colours that would look good on any outfit. This one is sure to get compliments every time you wear it. It measures approximately 5.5cms in diameter.



LS 14

Striking design Lea Stein fox pin. Done all over in a black and white music note design it has contrasting red eyes. Most unusual and would definitely make a statement on the lapel of a jacket. Measures approximately 9cms tall.

£45.00 Sold

LS 15

Fabulous vintage small  tottie dog by Lea Stein. Done all over in a shaded red/burgundy glitter design, which catches the light beautifully, he is finished off with a lovely contrasting yellow marbled bow.  So cute and just the size for a lapel or jacket. Not one to be missed. Measures approximately 4cms wide.



LS 16

Great Lea Stein Ric the terrier pin in striking pearly red with contrasting coal black eyes, ears, nose and collar. Great deco colours and iconic design – he is just so cute. Looking for a new home he measures approximately 9cms tall.

£45.00 This Item is On Hold

LS 17

Really lovely Lea Stein horse head brooch with the mane curling inwards. Done ina pinky cream mother of pearl effect with contrasting dark chocolate mane this is definitely one for the horse lover. It measures approximately 7.5cms tall.


LS 18

Striking Lea Stein Mistigri curled cat brooch. Done in a creamy ivory stipe and coal black this is a wider version of the Gomina design and much more difficult to find. Great colours and contrast this would look FAB on almost any outfit. Measures approximately 10cms wide.

£45.00 Sold

LS 19

Stunning Lea Stein owl brooch. Done in a sort of gold trellis design, which catches the light and looks glittery, with leopardskin feet, beak and eye surrounds. Very striking and just the right size for a jacket, it measures approximately 6cms tall.

This Item is On Hold£48.00

LS 20

Gorgeous design Lea Stein Sasha cat pin. Done all over in a sort of cerise pink/cherry red pearly effect with ivory stripe ears and eyes. Stunning colour and design, there are not as many of these around these days. Definitely got that WOW! factor and would definitely make a statement on the lapel of a jacket. Measures approximately 8.5cms tall.


LS 21

Rare and hard to find Lea Stein Indian chieftan pin. Lovely deco colours of black, white, red and a sort of silvery effect he is very striking. Not many of these about nowadays and is a must for collectors. Measures approximately 5.5ms tall.


LS 22

Unusual gold sparkley Lea Stein large large poodle pin. He si done in a coffee coloured background with stripes of gold glitter all through it ( which I could not get to photograph well not matter how many times I did it) which really catch the light and contrast with the orange of his body and red bow. Much more stunning in real life this is a must for collectors and measures approximately 6ms at his widest.

£48.00 Sold

LS 23

Unusual Lea Stein Saxophonist. Lovely pearly red and emerald green contrast with ivory stripe on her arms and face. Quite stunning and hard to find it would go with any outfit and measures approximately 6ms tall.



LS 24

Really striking Lea Stein Shiatzu dog. Done in a tortoiseshell effect and pale gold mosaic she is topped off with a cute little cream coloured bow. Irrisistable!! Needs a new home and measures approximately 7cms tall.


LS 25

Striking Lea Stein Corolle pin in beautiful colours. Very vibrant, with a lovely mosaic design on her metallic gold ‘petals’ contrasting with her lovely pearly red hat and orange layerd ear decoration. Fabulous on a lapel she is sure to get the compliments. She measures approximately 6cms tall.

This Item is On Hold£48.00


LS 26

Last but not least this stunning Lea Stein Penguin. Great colours with his ‘black with a hint of gold’ flippers and face (the goldy tinge sadly does not show up in the photo), and mother of pearl effect tummy he is finished off at the top with mosaic yellow/gold. He has a turquoise foot and a cersie pin beak. He is a real statement piece and would look just stunning on your lapel. He measures approximately 8.5ms tall.

£58.00 Sold