Powder Compacts

Although early examples can date back to the 1920s, compacts started to become widely used in the mid 1930s. Their popularity peaked from the 1940s to around the late 60s at which time disposables with refill blocks began to take over as more convenient. There are hundreds of different designs and makers available, making compact collecting extremely interesting in its variety. Novelty compacts such as the Kigu ‘Flying Saucer’ and the Schuco animals command a premium but there are many reasonably priced compacts out there to start or expand your collection. For additional information about powder compact books consult our useful information section. If you require any further photos of any of the compacts listed please email us. Powder Compacts 1


Striking leaf shaped American Beauty compact in super condition. Looks to have been hardly used. Tooled leaves on an engine turned gold tone background with three little glass stones in red, green and blue which have been carved to the shape of bugs. It comes with a pad but no sifter and is signed on the pad and on the inner lid with engine turning on the back. Clasps work well  and it measures approximately 7cms in diameter. Would date this to the late 50s or early 60s. A very striking and collectable compact.



Such a striking compact design. This lovely Coty compact has a funky 60s or 70s sunflower or starburst design but actually dates to the late 30s. Lovely vibrant colours. The compact has been used but is in good vintage condition with no sifter or pad and there is a little give in the hinge. It is marked ‘Coty’ on the bottom along with ‘pressed airspun powder’ and ‘L’Aimant soliel d’or’ and measures approximately 6.5cms in diameter.




Gorgeous unused Oriental design square 1940s VOGUE VANITIES powder compact. Lovely subtle colours on a gold tone background it comes with it’s original paperwork, sifter and pad. It is in lovely condition having not been used, all the clasps work well and measures approximately 6.4 by 6.4cms.  A really pretty and unusual compact in super condition..



Beautiful Estee Lauder Erte designed zodiac compact. Fabulous enamel work on this series with exposed silver tone metal work showing through as part of the pattern and finished off with little diamantes down both sides of two corners. This design is VIRGO and is ready to use – Estee Lauder refills, I believe, are available from most large department stores. It is in like new condition and comes with a pouch. I have other zodiac signs in this series so please email for details. It measures approximately 7cms by 5.5cms at its widest and is signed ‘Estee Lauder’ inside. Superb quality!


dainty size


Lovely little unmarked oval compact with that glitzy look.e WOW! factor. It is covered in amber and clear coloured diamante stones in the form of flowers and also has some flowers done in tiny white glass beads. Lots of filigree work behind. Dainty size to fit into a small handback this probably dates to the 1940s. It is in very good condition with it’s original pad and sifter and the clasp works well. not sure if it has been used or not but if it has been then it must have only been a couple of times. A really neat and unusual compact with that glitzy look which measures approximately 5.5cms by 4.2cms.



Very unusual Stratton compact probably dating to the 1960s or late 50s. The top is done in metallic blue enamel with an all over design in gold tone of flowers, urns and a cherub playing a horn. I personally have never seen this design before. It has not been used and it comes with it’s original sifter with the Stratton label still on the mirror. It has a compact in hand STRATTON mark on the inner lid and STRATTON above the mirror.  To use or a fabulous display piece it measures approximately 7.5cms in diameter.




Sweet little unused chrome mirror compact with a foil picture of a crynolene lady in a garden on the front and plain black ‘enamel’ on the back. The body of the compact is done in a chrome type metal as is the mirror as was the design with these 1930s Gwenda compacts and it has the classic Gwenda fan shaped clasp. It has it’s oringinal pad and sifter and has never been used so in great condition. Great to keep in your handbag for powder or just for the mirror. Marked Gwenda it measures approximately 5.5cms in diameter.



Vintage Estee Lauder Zodiac compact from an earlier series of Zodiac compact that they did. It has a tooled bull on the front with little clear diamante stones round one side and under the bull and is for Taurus. It still has it’s original pad and sealed Lucidity powder and has not been used. Signed Estee Lauder inside it measures approximately 5cms in diameter and has its original label on the back. Lovely condition!




Fabulous needlework topped powder compact by SCHILDKRAUT who are known for their creative compact tops. The compact is in very good vintage condition with some tiny scratches on the bottom, probably from being laid on a dressing table and some marking/scratching on the inner lid (I think someone has tried to clean it with something abrasive). Apart from that in nice condition especially the needlework top which appears perfect and has neither pad not sifter. Clasps work well and it measures approximately 7cms by 6cms.



Unusual powder compact with a faux tortoiseshell frame on the top surrounding a reverse carved vase of flowers on a gold background encased in a lucite mound. It is done on gold tone, has neither pad nor sifter and has a crown mark on the inner lid but no makers mark (may be an early MASCOT). In used condition it has a few small spots on the mirror which does not affect it’s reflectiveness, some feint marking around the edge or the inner lid and a tiny dent in the bottom. Displays beautifully and measures approximately 8cms in diameter.




Classic COTY powder puffs design compact said to have been designed by Rene Lalique. Has a few small marks on the front that can be seen in the picture and some marking on the mirror which is still reflective. Marked COTY on the bottom it has neither pad not sifter so empty inside and measures approximately 5cms in diameter.



Fabulous Art deco design baby blue guilloche enamel and silver powder compact. Wonderful engine turned blue deco design colour to the enamel and I can see no damage to it. In lovely condition it is hallmarked stamped ‘Made in England’. There are a full set of hallmarks but these are rubbed at the top so it is difficult to date it exactly but I would date it to the mid 1930s. The rubbed hallmarks are reflected in the price. No sifter or pad. It measures approximately 7cms in diameter.




Pretty Plastic compact, probably American circa 1950s or 1960s. The compact is in good condition with ivory coloured plastic (ivorine) and a pale green central insert on the fron with flowers and a butterfly embossed on it. Comes with a sifter and pad – pad may not be original. Nice Octagonal shape it is not marked in any way. It measures approximately 9.25cms in diameter.

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Unusual and RARE Festival of Britain powder compact by STRATTON. It has the Festival of Britain logo all over interspersed with little gold coloured fluer de lys. Unusual design, not often seen, it dates to the early 1950s. In great condition with its original sifter it only has the three little marks that can be seen in the photos to note and these are much more obvious in the photo than they are in real life. It measures approximately 9cms in diameter and is marked ‘Stratton’ on the inner rim. A chance to get a rare one.

Sold £50.00



Lovely little Stratton Petite powder compact by STRATTON. Only made for a few years this shape of compact is not seen as often as Statton’s other shapesThis one is covered in Mother of Pearl tiles. It is done on gold tone, comes with its original pad and is a self opener (inner lid pops open when the compact is opened further than 90 degrees). The compact is very stylish, is in good condition and measures approximately 6.5cms in diameter.

£30.00 Sold


Extremely pretty reverse carved powder compact by KIGU. It has a sort of sparkley mesh background with lovely lilacy pink reverse carved roses on the front with their leaves. Very effective it is done on gold tone and comes with its original sifter. It is marked ‘Kigu’ in the centre of the tooled inner lid and is in very good condition. It measures approximately 6cms in diameter and with it’s fabulous vibrant colours it displays beautifully.




Very elegant oval powder compact which is very nice quality, with it’s original pad and an inner lid. The top has a wonderful guilloche enamelled picture of a courting couple surrounded by a deep aqua coloured frame. In overall good condition with some scuffing on the back and some finsh loss around the hinge. A pretty and unusual compact this displays beautifully.  There is some reflection on the photo. It measures approximately 7.5cms by 5.25cms and is unmarked.

£36.00 Sold


Pretty rectangular lucite powder compact made to look like mother of pearl. Lovely shading to the lucite which has a slightly pinkish tinge, with a bunch of raised flowers and some small diamante stones inset. It is in good used condition with a little bit of scuffing and marking on the base. The mirror is clear and it has an inner lid and it’s original pad. It is not marked but I believe that this is an American compact from the late 40s or early 50s. A sweet little compact for your collection, it measures approximately 7cms by 6cms and is quite heavy.

Sold £45.00



Stunning rectangular compact by HOUBIGANT with a fabulous deco design on the lid. Inside it has a powder well with oringinal pad, a rouge well and a little inset original lipstick which has a spring mechanism underneath so that you can get it out easily. The mirror is clear but has a couple of small spots on it and a chip out of the corner – I have allowed for getting the mirror replaced in the price. The bottom has some slight marking to it. I would say that this is in good used condition and is a book piece which is quite rare. They did this particular desing in orange, green and blue as well as this lovely yellow which is brighter than in the photo. Signed on the back of the lipstick. Definitely one for the collection it measures approximately 8.3cms by 5cms.

£98.00 Sold


Rarer than the round version this rectangular powder compact by Vogue Vanities has a sort of satin like finish. It is covered with an all over Eastern design and has an inner lid and original sifter. The mirror is clear apart from one little blemish to the side and the rest of the compact is in good condition. It measures approximately 9cms by 6cms.

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Striking ELGIN AMERICAN powder compact which is done in stunning cerise pink enamel with gold tone inlay. It is a saddle shape and is very tactile. In good condition it has a signed inner lid which has a touch of verdigree which may well clean of, and the origninal pad which has been used. The back is plain cerise pink enamelling and the black round the flowers at the bottom is due to my shadow and is not there in real life – the design is all crisp and clear.  The compact measures approximately 8.5cms at it’s widest by 7cms.

£55.00 Sold


Gorgeous STRATTON compact with Persian cats. In good used condition it has its original sifter but no pad and is a convertable. On a beautiful metallic blue background the cats really stand out and it measures approximately 8cms in diameter. Signed on the mirror rim. Would date this to the late 50s or early 60s. A very striking and collectable compact..

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Very unusual powder compact which has a huge lucite faux facet cut gem stone inset into the lid and is surrounded by a gold tone rim studded with clear diamante stones. As you can see this has been well used and there is some marking around the rim but all the stones are present and the rest of the compact is in good used condition. The condition is reflected in the price. It has an inner lid and its original sifter but no pad and no makers mark. I have also seen this done in red.  The compact measures approximately 7.5cms in diameter.

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Striking and unusual triangular compact done in black and gold tone with a sort of satin like finish which I believe may be by LA MODE but there is no makers mark. The back is plain black and the sides are tooled. Inside it has a pad (not original), an inner lid and a chrome mirror in the lid with the original rouge and pad behind the mirror. The compact is in good, used, condition and it measures approximately 6cms in diameter.




Stunning ESTEE LAUDER ‘Golden Jewel’ powder compact in it’s original box and outer with pouch. The compact has been used and is empty but has it’s original pad. There are a couple of tiny marks on the mirror which do not interfere in any way with its use. Useable today as I understand that the transparent pressed powder godets are still available from the Estee Lauder counter, this would be lovely to carry about in your handbag and is sure to get the compliments.  The compact measures approximately 5.5cms in diameter.

£35.00 Sold


Great all round book for compact collectors. Written by Juliette Edwards of the British Compact Collectors Society it is now out of print and contains lots of useful information about compacts and an indication of value at the time of going to press. The book has 64 pages and lots of colour photos and contains sections on Art Deco, Stratton, plastics, novelties and many more. This copy is in very good used condition.

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